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Ross Resorts - UnderPar partner


Promotion Goal

The CGA partnered with Ross Resorts to leverage UnderPar’s Pricelooper/Member Advantage email solution to drive association members to experience Ross Resorts’ properties during the winter months.

Promotional Offer

We made sure the offers were built with special price points, and also were only valid during off-peak times to help generate new revenue.

Promotion Success

Significant revenue was generated from golfers willing to travel to the properties from both North and South Carolina. The program worked well in year one, with even better results in year two. (See maps.)


“Pine Needles/Mid Pines were the first properties to participate in the Carolinas Member Advantage program three years ago. In three years, we’ve seen well into six-figures in rounds sold. Greg Knuth and the CGA worked with us to focus the offer into a November-to-March window when the new business would have the best impact on our tee sheets. We know that this particular audience is core, avid golfers from North and South Carolina that are good to have on property, and we plan on staging the promo yearly.”

Kelly R. Miller, President
Pine Needles Lodge/Mid Pines Inn


New Ross Resorts’ Customers Gained Through UnderPar Promotions

New Ross Resorts' Customers        New Ross Resorts' Customers 2


Want to learn more about the success we’ve collectively enjoyed with our Ross Resorts partnership and promotions? Contact Greg Knuth, UnderPar US Director, at or 619-757-7963 .


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