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Southern Nevada Golf Association Member Benefit Program

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Turnkey Marketing Solutions for Golf Properties Looking to Increase Revenue and Grow Their Customer Base

Partner with the Southern Nevada Golf Association to boost rounds, increase revenue, and grow your customer base in and outside-of-market. You have the option to take advantage of no-cost marketing to more than 11,000 SNGA members while also tapping into the 500,000+ North American UnderPar avid golfer database.

WHAT is the solution?

The decision is yours: advertise your email voucher promotion in-market to our database (email delivery powered by PriceLooper), out-of-market to UnderPar’s expansive database, or take advantage of the full reach of both.

The email-centric campaign will be promoted to our members and avid golfers across the U.S. as an opportunity to purchase pre-paid vouchers, featuring the offer(s) you feel will not only generate instant revenue, but will also lead to downstream benefits: new, returning golfers; significant brand awareness; and an increase in average on-property ancillary sales.


IN-MARKETSNGA Member Database

  • 11,000+ active members
  • 61% of membership are 50-69 years old
  • 55% take 2-3 golf vacations per year

OUT-OF-MARKET UnderPar Customer Database

  • 500,000+ avid golfers across North America
  • 2018-2019: $45M in vouchers purchased (800,000+ individual vouchers)

UnderPar SNGA Customer Map

WHY should you participate?

  • No up-front cost; and, comparable marketing exposure (targeted reach & impressions) would traditionally cost tens of thousands of dollars
  • Your branding is 100% driven by and approved by your property
  • The solution is turnkey, including all graphic design, project management and customer service


HOW much revenue could you generate?

You earn 80% of all voucher sales revenue; and, 100% of the on-property ancillary sales, and all future sales driven by new, repeat golfers. We work closely with participating courses to maximize voucher sales by creating compelling offers that also address current business objectives e.g. increase mid-week, afternoon play.

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PriceLooper Promotion Case Studies

The Legacy Golf Club


SNGA PriceLooper Partners

Conestoga Golf Club

The Legacy Golf Club

The Oasis Golf Club


NEXT steps?

Contact our SNGA Member Benefit Program partner to schedule an introductory call.

Greg Knuth, US Director, PriceLooper  |  619.757.7963  |  greg@pricelooper.com


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  • “I partnered with the SNGA because they have the best ability to reach a true audience of local avid golfers. Ann Sunstrum and her team do a tremendous job growing the game of golf and are a well-respected partner and leader in our industry.”

    Mike Magnera
    General Manager
    The Legacy Golf Club

  • “If I were to describe UnderPar in just one word, it would be “Easy …. uncomplicated, smooth, straightforward, cinch, simple.” Okay, got a little carried away, but UnderPar is just that!! It’s economics 101, when demand is low one needs to turn to UnderPar. We sold 800 rounds in just 6 weeks in a period of which is historically quiet! These very same players also ate in our restaurants and purchased items in the golf shop. We will be turning to UnderPar again [to run another promotion] here shortly!”

    Jeff Sorkness, PGA
    Director of Golf
    Verrado Golf Club™/Victory at Verrado®

  • “UnderPar has been a partner of CrossCreek Golf Club for all 5 years I have been General Manager. I have always been impressed with the professionalism shown by their staff. The customer service is first class and their attention to detail for me as an operator was very helpful. When the UnderPar model was used by CrossCreek, goals for revenue and number of guests were met every time. I highly recommend UnderPar as a partner for golf courses everywhere.”

    Dave Garner
    General Manager
    CrossCreek Golf Club

  • “The Arizona Golf Association and the Arizona Women’s Golf Association connected us with UnderPar who built our offer so that it was featured to the UnderPar, AGA, and AWGA member databases. With zero upfront costs, UnderPar produced an offer that made sense for our needs and brought in not just a large amount of golfers, but a large amount of the RIGHT type, and during the summer months where we can always use more of the right player on property. We are very happy with the outcome of our first offer and look forward to working with all three organizations in the future!”

    Jacob Hermes
    Director of Golf
    The Golf Club at Dove Mountain

  • “Pine Needles/Mid Pines were the first properties to participate in the Carolinas Member Benefit Program three years ago. In three years, we’ve seen well into six-figures in rounds sold. Greg Knuth and the CGA worked with us to focus the offer into a November-to-March window when the new business would have the best impact on our tee sheets. We know that this particular audience is core, avid golfers from North and South Carolina that are good to have on property, and we plan on staging the promo yearly.”

    Kelly R. Miller, President
    Pine Needles Lodge/Mid Pines Inn

  • “We partner with Underpar and the SCGA to get access to the SCGA’s exclusive database of regional, high frequency golfers. These golfers are valuable to Pelican Hill because we can introduce them to our two world class Tom Fazio designed Ocean View golf courses, our magnificent bungalows, villas, spa and 5-star restaurants. UnderPar promotions have always delivered on expectations and are currently part of our future marketing plans.”

    Person Garcia
    Global Director Villa & Leisure Sales
    The Resort at Pelican Hill

  • “We are so thankful to UnderPar for connecting us with the Colorado Golf Association for a branded pre-sale voucher offer. There were no upfront costs, we generated over $30,000 in topline revenue, and a majority of promotion customers came from over 200 miles from our property—what an all-around home run! I highly recommend other Colorado properties to participate in the Colorado Golf Association Member Benefit program.”

    Chris Whelpton, General Manager
    Lakota Canyon Ranch & Golf Club

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Become a Partner

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