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Carolinas Golf Association Member Benefit Program

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A Turnkey Marketing Solution for Turning Our Members Into Your Customers

Partner with the Carolinas Golf Association to boost rounds, increase revenue, and grow your customer base in and outside of your market while taking advantage of no-cost marketing to more than 150,000 CGA members.

WHAT is the solution?

The CGA will spotlight your property with a special offer to CGA member golfers. The on-brand campaign will be marketed directly by the CGA as an “exclusive member benefit.” The email-centric campaign will promote to members an opportunity to purchase pre-paid vouchers highlighting the offer(s) that your course believes will not only generate instant revenue, but will also lead to downstream benefits: new, returning golfers; significant, statewide property/brand awareness; and an increase in average on-property ancillary sales.


  • Launched November 2015
  • Total participating properties: 28 
  • Total promotions: 50
  • Total vouchers purchased: 9,787
  • Top-line program revenue: $680,000


WHY should you participate?

  • No up-front cost to promote your offer directly to CGA members
  • Comparable marketing exposure (targeted reach & impressions) would traditionally cost more than $15,000
  • Your branding is 100% driven by – and approved by – your property
  • The solution is turnkey, including all graphic design, project management and customer service


HOW much revenue could you generate?

You earn 80% of all voucher sales revenue; and, 100% of the on-property ancillary sales, and all future sales driven by new, repeat golfers. We work closely with participating courses to maximize voucher sales by creating compelling offers that also address current business objectives e.g. increase mid-week, afternoon play.

CGA Membership Demographic Highlights

  • 30% have household net worth >$500K
  • 92% are members of a club
  • Ave. number of different courses played per year is 14
  • 78% have taken a golf vacation in past 12 mos.


CGA Courses

PriceLooper Promotion Case Studies

Ross Resorts (Pine Needles Lodge & Golf Club)


NEXT steps?

Contact our CGA Member Benefit Program partner to schedule an introductory call.

Greg Knuth, US Director, PriceLooper  |  619.757.7963  |

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