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Top Tips for Immediate and Long-Term Revenue Generation

We offer creative ways for golf properties to acquire new customers and increase profits.


Immediate & Long Term Revenue Opportunities  

WHICH targeted audiences can UnderPar help us reach with our email marketing efforts?

In addition to running PriceLooper campaigns targeting your own database, we can work with you to tap into audiences of avid golfers in every market across North America. In bespoke fashion, we will create campaigns and establish target audiences that match up with your revenue goals. In many cases, we can even partner with leading state golf associations where they deliver emails to their own members promoting your “Member Benefit” special offer.

UnderPar Audience Options

Monetize Your Existing Marketing Database of Customers and Fans 

WHAT can our property do today to generate much-needed revenue?

We are experts in running email-based, pre-paid voucher promotions. Our PriceLooper offering allows golf courses and resorts to run white-label promotions targeting their own databases, utilizing our proprietary online platform. We can set-up and launch campaigns within 48 hours, generating funds that can be banked for golf that will be played in the future when golf courses need to ensure their tee-sheets are full during off-peak seasons.

The good news: We manage 100% of the campaign – from email delivery to managing all of the financials. To that end, we pay our golf course partners weekly so you will be able to take advantage of the timely infusion of funds.


  • Emails are created by UnderPar and adhere to your golf course’s brand guidelines.
  • We support your email delivery efforts to make sure our optimized email template works perfectly with your email delivery platform e.g. Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc.
  • We work with you to create compelling offers that will generate voucher sales and maximize topline revenue.
  • There are no upfront costs. We make money when your campaign is a success.
  • We can get a campaign up and running within 48 hours.
  • We can lead your efforts to grow your own database, which will help you make more $ from PriceLooper Direct campaigns. Click here to learn more about these services.


Grow Your Marketing Database

HOW can I grow my own marketing database? And, what is the value of every new email I procure?

First off, now is a great time to focus on building your database through online contesting and social engagement. Your customers want to hear from you–especially when they miss golf! Running smart promotions will ensure you stay top-of-mind with loyalists and create new relationships with prospective, future customers.

For years, we’ve been working with golf courses and resort properties to grow their email databases. Through these efforts, and in collaboration with a sampling of properties across the U.S., we have been able to calculate an annual true value per email for each new email that is added to an existing database. The average UnderPar partner’s new emails are worth $21 per year, per email. Click here to view our methodology and calculator tool.

Contests and Database Growth Options - UnderPar

We work with courses throughout North America to grow their databases, sometimes by as much as 2-3x in under six months. Click here to learn more about our database growth services.

Start Creating Your New Marketing Plan Today

HOW do I optimize my marketing efforts to help mitigate the impact of Covid on this year’s financial plan? 

This is a great question, especially taking into consideration that every golf course we partner with operates with a different yearly plan, operating budget and staff skillset. One thing is for certain: The courses that take a step back and truly analyze their respective market opportunity, and build a corresponding marketing plan that includes database development campaigns and a targeted promotions strategy (with regarded companies like UnderPar), will see accelerated success relative to competitors who don’t establish a formal plan and just do what they’ve always done.

All plans in place before the Covid-19 health crises have become obsolete as budgets have been blown up. Moving forward, creative and optimized marketing strategies will differentiate winners from losers.

That’s where we come in. We work in lock-step with our partners to craft with them a new plan that leverages best practices, key learnings from our full roster of partner courses, and programs and campaigns that are best suited for their specific goals.

Strategies to Support the New Social Distancing Way-to-Play

Can we implement your voucher redemption platform as a strategy to minimize on-site contact, supporting the new social distancing way-to-play?

During these challenging times we know our voucher redemption software can smooth out the golfer check-in process at partner courses. Here are two ways that prepaid vouchers can either limit golfer interaction with staff or eliminate golfer interaction on day of play. Contact us to review how our platform can address your specific property’s needs and customer service set-up.


Limited Interaction

  • Vouchers are purchased in advance
  • Golfers book their tee time over the phone
  • Each golfer when checking-in shares their voucher number when they arrive
  • Staff enters the voucher numbers, logging all redemptions
  • Golfers tee off


Eliminating Personal Interaction

  • Vouchers are purchased in advance
  • Golfers book their tee time over the phone
  • Staff enters each golfer’s voucher number and redeems the voucher online in advance of day of play
  • Golfers arrive on day of play and head straight to the first tee for their designated tee time
  • Golfers tee off


NEXT steps?

Contact us directly to schedule your free introductory advisory session.

Greg Knuth, US Director, UnderPar  |  619.757.7963  |  greg@underpar.com





  • “If I were to describe UnderPar in just one word, it would be “Easy …. uncomplicated, smooth, straightforward, cinch, simple.” Okay, got a little carried away, but UnderPar is just that!! It’s economics 101, when demand is low one needs to turn to UnderPar. We sold 800 rounds in just 6 weeks in a period of which is historically quiet! These very same players also ate in our restaurants and purchased items in the golf shop. We will be turning to UnderPar again [to run another promotion] here shortly!”

    Jeff Sorkness, PGA
    Director of Golf
    Verrado Golf Club™/Victory at Verrado®

  • “UnderPar has been a partner of CrossCreek Golf Club for all 5 years I have been General Manager. I have always been impressed with the professionalism shown by their staff. The customer service is first class and their attention to detail for me as an operator was very helpful. When the UnderPar model was used by CrossCreek, goals for revenue and number of guests were met every time. I highly recommend UnderPar as a partner for golf courses everywhere.”

    Dave Garner
    General Manager
    CrossCreek Golf Club

  • “The Arizona Golf Association and the Arizona Women’s Golf Association connected us with UnderPar who built our offer so that it was featured to the UnderPar, AGA, and AWGA member databases. With zero upfront costs, UnderPar produced an offer that made sense for our needs and brought in not just a large amount of golfers, but a large amount of the RIGHT type, and during the summer months where we can always use more of the right player on property. We are very happy with the outcome of our first offer and look forward to working with all three organizations in the future!”

    Jacob Hermes
    Director of Golf
    The Golf Club at Dove Mountain

  • “Pine Needles/Mid Pines were the first properties to participate in the Carolinas Member Benefit Program three years ago. In three years, we’ve seen well into six-figures in rounds sold. Greg Knuth and the CGA worked with us to focus the offer into a November-to-March window when the new business would have the best impact on our tee sheets. We know that this particular audience is core, avid golfers from North and South Carolina that are good to have on property, and we plan on staging the promo yearly.”

    Kelly R. Miller, President
    Pine Needles Lodge/Mid Pines Inn

  • “We partner with Underpar and the SCGA to get access to the SCGA’s exclusive database of regional, high frequency golfers. These golfers are valuable to Pelican Hill because we can introduce them to our two world class Tom Fazio designed Ocean View golf courses, our magnificent bungalows, villas, spa and 5-star restaurants. UnderPar promotions have always delivered on expectations and are currently part of our future marketing plans.”

    Person Garcia
    Global Director Villa & Leisure Sales
    The Resort at Pelican Hill

  • We partnered with UnderPar and the SCGA to gain access to the SCGA’s exclusive database of regional, high frequency golfers. Marketing to these golfers as part of a PriceLooper Member Benefit program promotion has proven very successful. We are always striving to grow our customer base beyond our current footprint and the UnderPar promotions allow us to do so while delivering a strong ROI.

    Carrie Ruiz, Corporate Director of Golf Sales
    Trump Organization

  • “The relationship I’ve created with UnderPar, and their promotional ideas, have been invaluable. The amount of players that have filtered through our golf facility because of their promotions has been immense. I look forward to our continued business relationship and to making strides to grow this even more.”

    Scott Mallory, PGA, Director of Golf
    Journey at Pechanga

  • “We believe UnderPar is the best pre-paid email marketing solution available to us in the market. They have a strong database, provide great customer service (to us and to customers who purchase vouchers), and we can rely on the promotions to deliver on the revenue we have budgeted. UnderPar has proven to be an all-around great solution.”

    Eric Lohman, General Manager, PGA
    Monarch Beach Golf Links

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