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We offer creative ways for golf properties to acquire new customers and increase profits.

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Underpar has a proven track record

We have a proven track record. Founded in 2010, UnderPar has facilitated nearly 4,000 promotions for more than 750 resort, public and private golf courses across North America.

Underpar does all of the heavy lifting

We do all the heavy lifting. We work with you to build & execute the ideal promotion for your property and ensure you maximize revenue and marketing visibility.

Underpar focuses on the value and experience not the discount

We focus on the value & experience, not the discount. While we’re helping you generate sales from new customers, we’re focused on elevating your brand and customer experience.

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Each of our partners has different marketing needs and business objectives. So we’ve created a menu of solutions that have proven to be successful as standalone offerings, or bundled together driving maximum property awareness and revenue.  

UnderPar Customer Email Promotions

We manage all facets of a pre-paid voucher promotion, from database development and email delivery through voucher redemption and property payment.

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PriceLooper Direct White Label Promotions

We work with golf and resort properties to generate untapped revenue from existing customers and prospect email databases.

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PriceLooper Member Benefit Program

We help golf associations provide high-value member benefits to current and prospective members, while adding a new revenue stream for their organization.

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UnderPar On-Course Engagements

Participants in fundraisers and golf outings love quality on-course promotions. Since 2010 UnderPar has been staging free swing video capture engagements and Hole-in-One contests for clients.

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Online Contest Management

We have staged dozens of online promotions for partners capturing qualified customer and prospect email addresses for future drip marketing efforts.

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UnderPar offers 24/7 support

24/7 Support

We offer 24/7 call & email support to golf course and property operators, as well as for voucher customers wanting additional TLC.

Underpar offers a web-based redemption portal

Web-Based Redemption Portal

We take voucher redemption seriously. We’ve developed a simple-to-use web interface for campaign management, which frees you up to focus on providing world class service.

Underpar Golf Deals

Integrated Shopping Cart

A single-page, secure checkout experience optimizes conversion and sell-through rates. Multi-device optimized.

Underpar offers tailored payment programs

Tailored Payment Programs

We are well versed in Federal/State pre-payment laws, and can tailor the program for your business needs.

Monarch Beach Golf Links

Ready to generate more course revenue?

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  • Monarch Beach Resort / Monarch Beach Golf Links


    The resort and course constantly look to increase bookings with new customers. Numerous times they have turned to UnderPar to help drive awareness and revenue through seasonal offers.


    Most recently the course featured a twosome promotion with different tiers of restrictions tied to voucher price points.


    Sales of vouchers were purchased by customers residing in 25 states and Mexico and Canada.

  • Ross Resorts / Pine Needles


    Get more CGA Members visiting Ross Resorts during the winter months


    We made sure the offers were built with special price points, and also were only valid during off-peak times to help generate new revenue.


    We have seen significant revenue from golfers that are willing to travel to our facilities from both North and South Carolina. The program worked well in year one, with even better results in year two.

  • San Vicente Resort & Golf Course


    We wanted to maximize the number of stay and play customers for slower Sunday to Thursday nights.


    The promotions were valid for Sunday to Thursday night stays with two days of golf. We experimented with higher and lower price points and included a small credit toward breakfast.


    We found we had the most success at the lower price point. Not only was the upfront revenue of the promotion higher, but we found that more people on property meant more incidental spending at the restaurants, bar, and pro shop. The incidental spending more than made up for the discounting.

  • Journey at Pechanga


    From Day 1 the primary goal of the promotion was to help Journey at Pechanga reach new golfers – inside and outside of their immediate market – through targeted email offers.


    We strategically crafted an offer featuring a price point that was profitable for the course, and attractive to the golfers we marketed to. We also included a compelling bounce back bonus offer for buyers valid Mon–Thurs & Sunday.


    Over the course of numerous UnderPar promotions, Journey at Pechanga has picked up nearly 10,000 new customers, with more than 75% of them residing outside of a 60-mile radius of the resort.

  • The Golf Club at Dove Mountain


    The golf course came to us with the clear objective of driving new golfers to their property during slower times of the year – then turning those new golfers into repeat golfers.


    A single golfer promo, valid anytime, with free same day replay. Most of the discount was built into the ‘same day’ replay element of the offer. The promotion was marketed to the UnderPar, Arizona Golf Association, and Arizona Women’s Golf Association databases to maximize voucher sales.


    Hundreds of vouchers were purchased with 64% of customers living more than 50 miles from the property. The golf club traditionally pulls in primarily a local customer base during the summer, so adding customers from outside of market during the non-peak season was a great way to introduce the course to a wider market.

  • Hyatt Regency Hill Country Golf Resort & Spa


    The golf resort partnered with the Texas Golf Association (TGA) to leverage UnderPar’s PriceLooper Member Benefit Program email solution to reach statewide golf association members to book an offseason stay & play package.


    The stay & play package offers were available for redemption during the offseason, September – December. Increasing the occupancy rate during this slower period for the resort was a core emphasis.


    More than 700 guests purchased packages with 73% of the guests hailing from over 200 miles away from the resort. The promotion established a new customer set with the hope of turning voucher purchasers into future full rate card guests, for both golf and resort overnights.

  • Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort


    The resort focused on increasing overnight stay guests who also played golf. The campaign targeted members of the Florida State Golf Association. The redemption period was centered around the non-peak season to help lift room occupancy rates and fill up the tee sheet.


    Pricing for the offers took two factors into consideration: 1. Generate the greatest amount of sales 2. Ensure the offer supported the integrity of the brand, and placed more emphasis on added-value/up-sell, versus just a straight-discount play.


    To date the property has run two PriceLooper Member Benefit Program offers in collaboration with UnderPar and the FSGA. Top line revenue has exceeded $73,000, and the property has confirmed that not only did it receive immediate revenue from voucher sales, it also generated post-campaign, downstream ROI in the form of on-property ancillary sales, and future sales driven by new, repeat golfers.

  • Verrado Golf Club


    The Verrado Golf Club partnered with the Arizona Golf Association (AGA) to leverage UnderPar’s Pricelooper Member Benefit Program email solution to reach golf association members and entice them to book off-season single play vouchers.


    The single play voucher offers were available for redemption during the off-season, to help fill the tee sheets in a historically quiet time of year. Increasing the traffic during this slower period for the club was a core emphasis. But an assumption was made early on: get golfers on property and they’ll spend money on food, drink and in the golf shop.


    More than 800 rounds in just 6 weeks were sold in a period of which is historically quiet. These very same guests also dined in the course restaurants and purchased items from the golf shop further increasing the net revenue gained from this promotion. Not only did they fill the sheets, the reach extended to golfers across the United States and Canada.

  • Monarch Beach Golf Links / Tijeras Creek Golf Club


    Run a two-course offer targeting both courses’ email databases with the goal of generating quick revenue and new, repeat golfers for each sister course.


    Monarch and Tijeras Creek collaborated on a promotion where the offer (golf at each course) was emailed to one another’s email databases (along with their own). The promotion leveraged the PriceLooper platform to handle ecommerce sales, voucher fulfillment and redemption management.


    Nearly 250 vouchers were purchased generating more than $50,000 in top line revenue. Respectively, new golfers since voucher redemption have returned to the properties, thus establishing an expanded foundation of golfers, along with email database growth.

  • The Resort at Pelican Hill


    To not only generate top line revenue off of the sale of vouchers, but to also establish a new customer base that could be marketed to in the future.


    Our most recent promotion featured Stay & Play options centered around the different size villas and bungalows we feature on property: one, two and three-bedroom. We wanted to give customers an option of purchasing an overnight for a single/couple, as well as for larger group excursions.


    Top line revenue exceeded expectations. And, because more than 200 vouchers were purchased by customers living well outside our regional market-footprint, we know the promotion did a good job of establishing future, full-price guests who will likely travel during peak months.

  • Trump National Golf Club - Los Angeles


    As with most public & resort courses we strive to fill our tee sheets Mon-Sun. The goal of our UnderPar/PriceLooper promotions to date has been to attract new golfers to the property and fill out tee shirts during traditionally slower periods throughout the week.


    Our featured promotion was a two-player offer, Sun-Thurs-only, with free same day replay. The value to the purchaser was significant, especially for those who have never been on property.


    Top line revenue for the promotion right out of the gate exceeded expectations. Nearly 1,500 vouchers were purchased with most purchasers residing more than 60 miles from the property. Our goal of running promotions to drive new customers has been highly successful.

  • Lakota Canyon Ranch & Golf Club


    We set out to help the golf course increase their customer base with a focus of gaining new customers outside of their immediate market. UnderPar worked with the Colorado Golf Association to run a PriceLooper Member Benefit promotion, benefiting both the golf association and the golf course.


    We decided to feature a two-player promotion, with free same-day replay. Redemption was available Monday-Sunday, but only after 11:00 AM on the weekends and Friday.


    Nearly 300 vouchers were purchased during the pilot promotion, with 70% of the customers hailing from more than 200 miles from the club.


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750+ partners and growing…


  • “The relationship I’ve created with UnderPar, and their promotional ideas, have been invaluable. The amount of players that have filtered through our golf facility because of their promotions has been immense. I look forward to our continued business relationship and to making strides to grow this even more.”

    Scott Mallory, PGA, Director of Golf
    Journey at Pechanga

  • “UnderPar has been a partner of CrossCreek Golf Club for all 5 years I have been General Manager. I have always been impressed with the professionalism shown by their staff. The customer service is first class and their attention to detail for me as an operator was very helpful. When the UnderPar model was used by CrossCreek, goals for revenue and number of guests were met every time. I highly recommend UnderPar as a partner for golf courses everywhere.”

    Dave Garner
    General Manager
    CrossCreek Golf Club

  • “We believe UnderPar is the best pre-paid email marketing solution available to us in the market. They have a strong database, provide great customer service (to us and to customers who purchase vouchers), and we can rely on the promotions to deliver on the revenue we have budgeted. UnderPar has proven to be an all-around great solution.”

    Eric Lohman, General Manager, PGA
    Monarch Beach Golf Links

  • “Pine Needles/Mid Pines were the first properties to participate in the Carolinas Member Benefit Program three years ago. In three years, we’ve seen well into six-figures in rounds sold. Greg Knuth and the CGA worked with us to focus the offer into a November-to-March window when the new business would have the best impact on our tee sheets. We know that this particular audience is core, avid golfers from North and South Carolina that are good to have on property, and we plan on staging the promo yearly.”

    Kelly R. Miller, President
    Pine Needles Lodge/Mid Pines Inn

  • “UnderPar has been a pillar in our revenue strategy for years now. We can always count on their promotion to bring in extra revenue for low demand times at our properties. With great customer service, a wide customer base and a quick turnaround for payments – UnderPar has set themselves apart as the leader in the golf discount world.”

    Josh Ward, Golf Revenue & Marketing Manager
    PGA WEST – The Western Home of Golf in America
    La Quinta Resort & Club, a Waldorf Astoria Resort

  • “The Arizona Golf Association and the Arizona Women’s Golf Association connected us with UnderPar who built our offer so that it was featured to the UnderPar, AGA, and AWGA member databases. With zero upfront costs, UnderPar produced an offer that made sense for our needs and brought in not just a large amount of golfers, but a large amount of the RIGHT type, and during the summer months where we can always use more of the right player on property. We are very happy with the outcome of our first offer and look forward to working with all three organizations in the future!”

    Jacob Hermes
    Director of Golf
    The Golf Club at Dove Mountain

  • “In our role as a management company one of our most important responsibilities is to bring new golfers out to managed courses. UnderPar has always worked with us to structure offers that fill need periods with new golfers. They consistently create compelling promotions for us that raise our revenue without negatively affecting our regular business.”

    Stan Gonzales
    Regional Manager
    Southern California
    Touchstone Golf

  • “UnderPar has been a tremendous partner of Omni La Costa Resort & Spa. Our stay & play packages and golf-only offers generate significant, needle-moving top line revenue figures, in addition to the ancillary spend throughout the resort. If you are looking for a turnkey solution to fill tee times or put heads in beds with favorable commission rates, I would highly recommend contacting UnderPar.”

    Dustin Irwin, PGA
    Club Director
    Omni La Costa Resort & Spa

  • “If I were to describe UnderPar in just one word, it would be “Easy …. uncomplicated, smooth, straightforward, cinch, simple.” Okay, got a little carried away, but UnderPar is just that!! It’s economics 101, when demand is low one needs to turn to UnderPar. We sold 800 rounds in just 6 weeks in a period of which is historically quiet! These very same players also ate in our restaurants and purchased items in the golf shop. We will be turning to UnderPar again [to run another promotion] here shortly!”

    Jeff Sorkness, PGA
    Director of Golf
    Verrado Golf Club™/Victory at Verrado®

  • “Here at Tijeras Creek Golf Club we just completed a combined offer with our sister course Monarch Beach Golf Links. We could not be happier at the amount of new business that was introduced to our facility. The idea of sending the offer to both databases brought a tremendous amount of avid golfers to our location that may not have considered a visit to our facility in the past. We were able to structure an enticing price that was a true value at both facilities, and ensured our brands were well represented. I feel the UnderPar campaign helped us not only fill our tee sheet, but also add repeat customers.”

    Tom Horaney, General Manager
    Tijeras Creek Golf Club

  • “We partner with Underpar and the SCGA to get access to the SCGA’s exclusive database of regional, high frequency golfers. These golfers are valuable to Pelican Hill because we can introduce them to our two world class Tom Fazio designed Ocean View golf courses, our magnificent bungalows, villas, spa and 5-star restaurants. UnderPar promotions have always delivered on expectations and are currently part of our future marketing plans.”

    Person Garcia
    Global Director Villa & Leisure Sales
    The Resort at Pelican Hill

  • We partnered with UnderPar and the SCGA to gain access to the SCGA’s exclusive database of regional, high frequency golfers. Marketing to these golfers as part of a PriceLooper Member Benefit program promotion has proven very successful. We are always striving to grow our customer base beyond our current footprint and the UnderPar promotions allow us to do so while delivering a strong ROI.

    Carrie Ruiz, Corporate Director of Golf Sales
    Trump Organization

  • “We are so thankful to UnderPar for connecting us with the Colorado Golf Association for a branded pre-sale voucher offer. There were no upfront costs, we generated over $30,000 in topline revenue, and a majority of promotion customers came from over 200 miles from our property—what an all-around home run! I highly recommend other Colorado properties to participate in the Colorado Golf Association Member Benefit program.”

    Chris Whelpton, General Manager
    Lakota Canyon Ranch & Golf Club